PolyWorks Conference CHINA|2019

Gain new PolyWorks skills, hear new ideas, share with like-minded people, and grow your passion for 3D metrology!

3D Infotech will be present at PolyWorks Conference 2019, showing how to extend the power of PolyWorks with Universal Metrology Automation and our Augmented Reality Polyworks plugin. The conference will be held at the Sheraton Shanghai Pudong Hotel, Shangai, China, June 12, 2019.

Visit our booth and watch a full demo of the new UMA Smart Station 2019 and Spotlight AR++ from the scanning through Polyworks and Streamline software to the inspection results projection, we know that you will simplify your industry processes while you keep the control with Universal Metrology Automation.

Register here https://www.innovmetric.com/zh-hans/mei-ti-zhong-xin/polyworks-conference-zhong-guo-2019




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