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All in one solution, available in two sizes to fit every inspection need of your business.

Easy to use, Streamline software provides an interactive common interface amongst all hardware.

Airfoil Blade Inspection System

UMA Blade, is a fast and accurate solution for the aerospace industry. Improve the inspection workflow during manufacturing or for maintenance, repair, and overhaul.

Built on a modular industrial frame to enable design changes as production processes evolve

Designed for a wide range of part sizes.

Smart Desktop

Used for inspection of small parts in factories that are looking to remove the bottleneck of quality control in production processes.

Easy to use, Streamline software provides an interactive common interface amongst all hardware.

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Universal Metrology Automation®

Universal Metrology Automation®


We are a productivity booster for dimensional metrology and visual inspection.  Our 3D scanning and inspection solutions focus on speed and automation. From CMM tending to automatic 3D scanning, we are among the most innovative technology providers in the industry.   

It doesn’t matter if you are probing, scanning, or taking pictures; we are continually improving by applying new technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and robotics.

3D Infotech is the Master Distributor of PolyWorks® on the West Coast.

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We are the Master Distributor of PolyWorks for the West Coast

Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington

When you get InnovMetric’s software from 3D Infotech, you get much more than just a license. You get a decade of applied experience on some of the most demanding metrology projects on the planet.

We can help you choose the right 3D scanner for your application, and if PolyWorks doesn’t do it, we can find a solution. That’s why we develop programs and plugins that automate and extend the functionality of PolyWorks beyond its current limits; this is part of our “make it happen” policy.

The leading dimensional analysis and inspection software. Compatible with CMMs, 3D scanning, and probing.
Learn more about Inspector
A reverse-engineering software to convert scans to CAD. The most comprehensive toolbox for processing 3D scans.
Learn more about Modeler
Centralized collaboration, management, and reporting of all your inspection projects. All your data accessible through a web browser.
Learn more about DataLoop
Back and forth integration of results and Microsoft Excel documents.
Learn more about Report Loop

Case Study

PolyWorks Automation

Direct TV America's #1 direct broadcast satellite service provider and broadcaster based in El Segundo, California. Direct TV needed a reliable way to verify the quality of the signal of their reflectors.
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