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Essential Industries

3D Infotech, Inc. helps essential companies overcome current bottlnecks by tapping into the great potential offered by the latest industry 4.0 technology platforms.

Our customers can realize great benefits by implementing non-contact measurement, machine vision and automation solutions effectivly and immediately. We have developed software and expertise to deliver solutions rapidly in both discrete and process manufacturing industries.



3D Inspection

We offer inspection solutions for different applications. 3D scanners are reliable, flexible, and their applications can range from the inspection of microelectronics all the way to large structures such as bridges and buildings.

Our strong experience in 3D scanning and automation, allows us to offer different solutions from essential industries from handheld scanning to fully automated inspection cells.

3D Modeling

Many industries require the conversion of a 3D scan into a CAD model; the process can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools. 3D Infotech offers hardware, software, and services for this, depending on the part we have the ideal solution, from probing into SolidWorks to 3D scanning for BIM (Building Information Modeling).


Virtual & Augmented Reality

Augmented & Virtual Reality for AEC, Energy, Mining, Medical & Advanced Manufacturing is transforming from a trend to a must-have. It has reached a point were companies can use it to solve real problems in their business. There are unique situations where no other technology can achieve the results that AR and VR can.

Machine Vision

Computer vision applied to industrial processes is impacting every single industry. The speed and flexibility have increased exponentially, and it is also easier to use and to deploy and ever. 3D Infotech helps companies to solve everyday challenges by using smart cameras. From simple operations of presence/absence all the way to hyperspectral detection, where our cameras can see what the human eye can’t.


Corrosion Monitoring

Everyday year, trillions of dollars are lost to corrosion in pipelines all over the world; finding a way to track this has been challenging. With Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, we offer solutions that continuously monitor corrosion levels in critical pipelines; this is a totally automated process that is done remotely 24/7 365 days per year.



You can speed up the process up to 10 times by making sure your people master the tools they have. Companies invest millions of dollars in technology, but the lack of training or the constant rotation of personnel get in the way of getting the expected results. 3D Infotech offers local, remote, and on-site training services.





Contract Services

For the last 11 years, 3D Infotech has gained substantial experience in all types of projects; this allows us to help customers with quality control and automation needs. This experience gives our engineers the skills to solve complex jobs faster and better.

If the volume of work can’t justify buying the hardware and hiring a dedicated engineer, 3D Infotech offers contract services where we can do the work for you periodically, just when you need it.


Solution Driven

For the last 15 years, 3D Infotech has participated continuously in process improvement programs with all types of companies.  Our expertise in improving pipelines through inspection technologies has been key to our success.

We are specially focused on: 

Speed-up Through Automation

From simple automation through scripts and templates all the way to complex systems involving machine vision and robotics.

Remove bottlenecks

We can optimize your inspection process by removing redundancies and complexities, replacing technologies and creating easy-to-use workflows.

Reduce Errors

Our software, hardware and services are focused on making sure that the average factory floor operator can run our systems without the involvement of an engineer or automation expert.

Script and Develop new tools

If your software or hardware are not capable to achieve the results you need, our research & development team develops the missing pieces to achieve the goals.
Contact our metrology experts, they will be glad to help you find the best solution for your industry



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