Case Studies


Streamlining Workflow with Automated Inspection

Choosing Measurement Solutions that Match Needs Is Key

Although part inspection is only a portion of the total workflow in your manufacturing operation, reducing that percentage of the workload has the potential to deliver significant returns on investment (ROI), in particular, when automation is introduced into the inspection process....

Aviva Case Study

Quick Inspection of small OD formed tubing

One of the main subsystems for Aviva Instruments' product is a complex assembly of stainless steel machined parts, and stainless steel formed tubing. Combining to form a fuel delivery & return manifold for the direct injection fuel system. The nature...

Direct TV Case Study

PolyWorks Automation

Direct TV America's #1 direct broadcast satellite service provider and broadcaster based in El Segundo, California. Direct TV needed a realiable way to verify the quality of signal of their reflectors.

Point2CAD Case Study

Alliance Aerospace

Alliance Aerospace Engineering in Irvine, CA is a minority-owned and FAA-PMA approved organization that will soon be FAA-ODA approved. Alliance Aerospace Engineering provides reverse engineered aircraft parts and components to major airlines and repair stations worldwide. Alliance's world-class ...

Point2CAD Case Study


Weistec Engineering, located in Santa Ana, California, is an industry leader in research, development, and design. Ranging from the Mercedes C-Class to the SLS AMG, Weistec Engineering is not only the first company to calibrate a forced induction solution for M 156/159, they are the first to achieve this on the highly sophisticated Mercedes ECU.