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Streamline: Inspection Automation Software


3D Infotech’s Streamline software allows the automation of inspection by pairing a 2D or 3D machine vision sensor (a.k.a. 3D scanner) with a robot or motion control device (rotary stage, linear rail, etc).

3D Dimensional Inspection

When dimensional inspection using 3D scanners is required, Streamline software integrates with Innovmetric’s PolyWorks|Inspector to execute dimensional analysis, reporting, and SPC.

Presence/Absence Inspection

When visual presence or absence inspection is needed, Streamline software integrates with leading machine vision sensors and machine learning software to deliver unprecedented capabilities to the quality control process.

Simplified Workflow

Streamline works in two modes:

The first one is Programming mode, where an engineer can use a template to set up the complete inspection process.

The second mode is Operator mode, which is a simplified read-only interface that any shopfloor worker can use without technical training.  They just need to place the part and hit the [PLAY] button.

Streamline reduces the number of steps and points of possible errors by taking care of the complexities of other software.

When 3D scanning, Streamline automates Data color map generated using PolyWorks|Inspector by InnovMetric.

Faster Implementation

Proven Solutions

Streamline software is a production-proven tool with successful installations with some of the most demanding customers in aerospace and automotive. Everything you need is already built-in inside Streamline or through integration with powerful software and hardware tools. Streamline is a product that will save you time, expenses, and headaches of trying to implement a prototype with custom code and scripts.

Best of all, it is not limited to 3D scanning; it can be used in other areas of quality control like automating the load and unload of a CMM inspection with a robot, or visual verification of the presence and absence of components during assembly.


Smart Factory Inspection Cell

3D Infotech's Universal Metrology Automation Smart Cell supports Universal Robots, Kuka and Fanuc, also supports 3D sensors like Creaform, LMI, Faro and Zeiss.

Automated Inspection - UR5 & Creaform HandySCAN - ATX West 2018

3D Infotech's turn-key UMA Portable solution demonstration in the Creaform booth at ATX West.