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At 3D Infotech we focus on Universal Metrology Automation. We use the same knowledge, techniques and software to apply the inspection process to different areas of quality control. From 3D scanning to CMM tending.

UMA Smart Station with HandySCAN Black

This is our UMA Station 2x4 with Creaform HandySCAN Black Elite and UniversalRobots UR5e. Our software Streamline, makes it possible to have a seamless integration between hardware and software.

Can you forget about fixtures for 3D Scanning?

Part ID is a great tool to assist users in the placement and verification of a part before the inspection. It validates shape and orientation before you start.

New Inspect and ReWork Workflow for Castings and Forgings

Are you struggling with Rework? If you have too many iterations in your Castings or Forgings' processes, 3D Infotech has the next technology to accelerate your production!

Video Library

Leica Absolute Tracker and Spotlight AR++

The Leica Absolute Tracker ATS 600 from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence offers innovative options for inspection and visualization of results when combined with 3D Infotech's Spotlight AR++.

Robotic Inspection Cell for Medium to Large Parts

This is the UMA Smart Cell, a turn-key system designed for quality inspections. Compatible with different types of 2D and 3D sensors to address different stages of production. Everything is managed through Streamline Inspection Automation Software.

Streamline 1.6 Inspection Automation Software

Streamline Automation Software orchestrates hardware and software into a seamless inspection process. It takes care of all the complexities of robot programming, integration, and interoperability between devices and software. It let’s you focus in the inspection, speed and productivity. It uses a wide variety of 2D and 3D machine vision sensors.

CMM Automation for Multi-part Inspection

Multi-part inspection can be challenging , but 3D Infotech has some good news. 3D Infotech can automate the process where you type the part numbers you want to inspect. The inspection will change dynamically to include the selected parts.

Robotic Inspection with Rail or Gantry System

The UMA Smart Cell comes in two main configurations: Rotary and Rail. In this video we show the two types of rail systems that we use to setup a cell. Both are proven solutions tested and used by our most demanding customers.

Robotic Inspection Cell Systems - Smart Cell

The UMA Smart Cell is our standardized and modular inspection unit. It features different options to adapt to a large variety of large parts. Usually used for dimensional metrology using 3D scanning.

3D Scan and project colormaps and measurements with Spotlight AR++

Spotlight AR++ allows you to project data color maps and feature results from PolyWorks Inspector. You can align the projector to match perfectly the part in any angle, it can also work with multiple projectors to cover multiple sides.

UMA Smart Station Automated 3D Scanning with HandySCAN Black

Automate the 3D scanning process with a metrology grade 3D scanner and our Smart Stations. Both configurations are equipped with a collaborative robot and a rotary table, all hardware and software is included to make it work seamlessly.

What's PolyWorks Inspector?

PolyWorks Inspector is part of the PolyWorks Metrology Suite, and it is the central application for the inspection process.

Robotic Inspection Automation with Streamline Software

One of the most challenging things of metrology automation is connecting different software and devices and keeping them working in sync. Streamline solves this problem! A single piece of software gives you all the control to set up and run an inspection.

CMM / Machine Tending
Load and unload a parts automatically

Accelerate and automate the inspection process of a Coordinated Measuring Machine (CMM) with a collaborative robot that can load and unload the parts.

Augmented Reality with Video Projectors and Spotlight AR ++ 2.0

Augmented reality for manufacturing environments that accurately projects computer generated visual aids on real tridimensional objects. Spotlight AR++ projects the results of measurements, data colormaps, instructions, and other relevant data by using one or many regular video projectors.

Creaform 3D Scanners Review

Do you know the difference between these 3D scanners? This is a comparison side-by-side of the three 3D scanners from Creaform, each one has its own strengths. This is an objective review so you can choose better.

Streamline 3D scanning Offline Simulation

This video shows how you can create 3D scanning paths offline without needing the physical devices connected. These features are powered by RoboDK, one of the leading technologies for offline simulation in robotics.

UMA Blade

UMA Blade, is a fast and accurate solution for aerospace and industrial gas turbines. Improve the inspection workflow during manufacturing or for maintenance, repair, and overhaul.

3D Scanning to Innovate - Porshe 911

In this video, we went to BBI Autosport to scan their Porshe 911 which is one of the winners of the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb. This car was scanned in less than 1 hour by 3D Infotech using Creaform's MetraSCAN, it is amazing what you can do when you are not limited by the volume and when you don't need to spend time placing targets.

Automated 3D Scanning with HandySCAN Black

This is an all-in-one solution for robotic automation of 3D scanning, this is a full product driven by Streamline software, our own software that enables you to program a robot and the 3D scan on the same user interface.

Robotic 3D Scanning Cell for Automotive Parts

Fast full surface dimensional inspections of automotive parts using 3D scanning. Meet the UMA Smart Cell, a fully automated robotic inspection system.

Robotic 3D Scanning with HandySCAN Black

This is our UMA Smart Station 3x6, This station is an all-in-one system for dimensional inspection. The complete system is driven by Streamline software who syncs all devices and offers a easy-to-use interface to do everything from a single screen.

Robotic Inspection with Machine Vision

This is a demo showing the integration of our software Streamline and Cognex Insight cameras, our software offers a single interface to program the robot, rotary, rail, camera and even other 3D scanners. The Cognex In-sight 7000 is a great tool with auto-focus and integrated light that is perfect to integrate with a collaborative robot.

Robotic Fluorescence Penetrant Inspection

Fluorescence Magnetic Particle (FMPI) and Fluorescence Liquid Penetrant (FLPI) inspection are critical for die castings and forgings. 3D Infotech has developed a system that can replace the dark room with a dedicated camera on a robot.

Part Placement Verification before 3D Scanning

Streamline software by 3D Infotech now supports the new Part ID module, it will use a machine vision camera to validate if the part is placed in the right position and orientation, also validates if it is the right part. This saves the 3D scanner from accidentally crashing into a part when using the wrong part or program.

UMA Smart Desktop

Meet the UMA Desktop, an end-to-end solution for inspection. Our station supports different 3D sensors, from the HandySCAN Black from Creaform all the way to the Gocator sensors from LMI. One software and hardware solution.

UMA Smart Station Dual Setup

UMA Smart Station with a Dual Setup is a fully automated solution for inspection and comparison of two parts. Using the HandySCAN from Creaform a full inspection can be done with 25 micron accuracy.

UMA Smart Desktop at WESTEC 2019

3D Infotech introduces Streamline Assist, a workflow automation software that guides any operator through a complete inspection process without the typically required expertise in 3D metrology.

Streamline Assist at WESTEC 2019

3D Infotech presents the UMA Desktop, a fully automated solution for inspection of small parts. Using the new HandySCAN Black Elite from Creaform a full inspection can be done with 25 micron accuracy. Streamline software drives the complete system in an easy-to-use way, just place the part and hit play.

Streamline Assist Comparison

This video briefly shows the time difference between a traditional scan with HandySCAN Black / PolyWorks and an automated workflow with 3D Infotech's Streamline Assist software.

Augmented Reality with Spotlight AR++

Spotlight AR++ for PolyWorks | Inspector is an augmented reality plugin that projects colormaps and features' results directly into the part. It can be used as a tool to communicate results to the teams that are involved in the process.


SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2018 Partner Pavilion: 3D INFOTECH.

UR5 & HandySCAN - ATX West 2018

3D Infotech's turn-key UMA Portable solution demonstration in the Creaform booth at ATX West. This solution includes a 6 axis UR5 robot from Universal Robots along with an additional 7th axis rotary table. Powered by 3D Infotech's Streamline software.

3D Infotech at Control 2017 with LMI

Control 2017 is the perfect opportunity for LMI's to show their latest technologies. 3D Infotech is proud to participate this event by showing Streamline software driving the UR3 from Universal Robots and LMI's snapshot sensors.

UMA at Automate 2017 with LMI

3D Infotech showcased the all new Gocator 3210 snapshot sensor from LMI Technologies at Automate 2017. This automated 3D scanning solution is powered by our Streamline automation software.

UMA Smart Cell

In this demo our Universal Metrology Automation Smart Cell is used to scan a part with an almost chrome finish, this type of surfaces are very difficult for most 3d scanners, specially snapshot or structured light scanners.

UMA at Automate 2017 with Creaform

3D Infotech showcased the Creaform HandySCAN 700 at Automate 2017. Manufacturers that already have the HandySCAN now have an easy upgrade path towards automation. This automated 3D scanning solution is powered by our Streamline automation software.

MetraSCAN with Streamline

3D Infotech’s Streamline automation software facilitates ease of hardware integration, robot path teaching, and user operation for the Creaform MetraSCAN-R. Industrial and collaborative robots are “plug & play” as Streamline connects seamlessly with Creaform 3D scanners.

MetraSCAN Fender Scanning with Streamline

Streamline software driving Universal Robot's arm and Creaform's Metrascan. This solution provides one of the fastest laser scanning solutions for metrology automation for the automotive industry.

Kuka LBR iiwa and HandyPROBE

3D Infotech’s automated inspection solution for the challenges of measuring transparent objects. Since 3D scanners use laser or structured light scanning to see the shape of an object, scanning a transparent object becomes an almost impossible challenge as light passes through this material.

Automated ZEISS Comet L3D 2

This video demonstrates the COMET L3D 2, a high quality, structured light scanner from ZEISS. Delivering excellent data quality and highly accurate measuring results, the COMET L3D 2 is an ideal system for demanding quality control applications.

UR10 and Zeiss Comet driven by Streamline

Robotic 3D scanning with Zeiss Comet driven by Streamline Software from 3D Infotech.

3D Infotech with LMI at Control 2016

Demonstration of Universal Metrology Automation from 3D Infotech's at LMI's booth at the Control 2016 show in Stuttgart, Germany. A solution involving Universal Robot UR3, LMI's Gocator and a rotary table, driven by Steamline software.

UMA Pick and Place Demo

With Universal Metrology Automation, manufactures can drive towards Industry 4.0 by utilizing the benefits of robotic machine tending in parallel with automated inspection.
In this demonstration, a UR3 Universal Robot automatically places a part on the inspection.

What is UMA?

3D Infotech helps manufacturing companies with their inspection process. We can clear the bottleneck process which leads to more revenue and higher quality parts. Just see what we did for James.



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