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Leica Absolute Tracker and Spotlight AR++

The Leica Absolute Tracker ATS 600 from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence offers innovative options for inspection and visualization of results when combined with 3D Infotech's Spotlight AR++.

CMM Automation for Multi-part Inspection

Multi-part inspection can be challenging , but 3D Infotech has some good news. 3D Infotech can automate the process where you type the part numbers you want to inspect. The inspection will change dynamically to include the selected parts.

Robotic Inspection with Rail or Gantry System

The UMA Smart Cell comes in two main configurations: Rotary and Rail. In this video we show the two types of rail systems that we use to setup a cell. Both are proven solutions tested and used by our most demanding customers.

Robotic Inspection Automation with Streamline Software

One of the most challenging things of metrology automation is connecting different software and devices and keeping them working in sync. Streamline solves this problem! A single piece of software gives you all the control to set up and run an inspection.

CMM / Machine Tending
Load and unload a parts automatically

Accelerate and automate the inspection process of a Coordinated Measuring Machine (CMM) with a collaborative robot that can load and unload the parts.

UMA Blade

UMA Blade, is a fast and accurate solution for aerospace and industrial gas turbines. Improve the inspection workflow during manufacturing or for maintenance, repair, and overhaul.

Robotic Inspection with Machine Vision

This is a demo showing the integration of our software Streamline and Cognex Insight cameras, our software offers a single interface to program the robot, rotary, rail, camera and even other 3D scanners. The Cognex In-sight 7000 is a great tool with auto-focus and integrated light that is perfect to integrate with a collaborative robot.

Robotic Fluorescence Penetrant Inspection

Fluorescence Magnetic Particle (FMPI) and Fluorescence Liquid Penetrant (FLPI) inspection are critical for die castings and forgings. 3D Infotech has developed a system that can replace the dark room with a dedicated camera on a robot.

3D Infotech at Control 2017 with LMI

Control 2017 is the perfect opportunity for LMI's to show their latest technologies. 3D Infotech is proud to participate this event by showing Streamline software driving the UR3 from Universal Robots and LMI's snapshot sensors.

UMA at Automate 2017 with LMI

3D Infotech showcased the all new Gocator 3210 snapshot sensor from LMI Technologies at Automate 2017. This automated 3D scanning solution is powered by our Streamline automation software.

Automated ZEISS Comet L3D 2

This video demonstrates the COMET L3D 2, a high quality, structured light scanner from ZEISS. Delivering excellent data quality and highly accurate measuring results, the COMET L3D 2 is an ideal system for demanding quality control applications.

UR10 and Zeiss Comet driven by Streamline

Robotic 3D scanning with Zeiss Comet driven by Streamline Software from 3D Infotech.

3D Infotech with LMI at Control 2016

Demonstration of Universal Metrology Automation from 3D Infotech's at LMI's booth at the Control 2016 show in Stuttgart, Germany. A solution involving Universal Robot UR3, LMI's Gocator and a rotary table, driven by Steamline software.

UMA Pick and Place Demo

With Universal Metrology Automation, manufactures can drive towards Industry 4.0 by utilizing the benefits of robotic machine tending in parallel with automated inspection.
In this demonstration, a UR3 Universal Robot automatically places a part on the inspection.

What is UMA?

3D Infotech helps manufacturing companies with their inspection process. We can clear the bottleneck process which leads to more revenue and higher quality parts. Just see what we did for James.



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