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Streamline Assist at WESTEC 2019

3D Infotech's Universal Metrology Automation reduces production costs and increases inspection consistency.

UMA Smart Desktop at WESTEC 2019

3D Infotech's Universal Metrology Automation reduces production costs and increases inspection consistency.

Streamline Assist Comparison

Presented here is a side-by-side comparison of a 3D scanning and inspection workflow using the HandySCAN BLACK Elite, VXelements, and PolyWorks. On the left is a traditional inspection process. On the right is an enhanced workflow where Streamline Assist takes control of every step and parameter of the inspection for the user.

UMA Smart Desktop

Meet the UMA Desktop, an end-to-end solution for inspection. Our station supports different 3D sensors, from the HandySCAN Black from Creaform all the way to the Gocator sensors from LMI. One software and hardware solution.

UMA Smart Station Dual Setup

Video Library

Automated ZEISS Comet L3D 2

This video demonstrates the COMET L3D 2, a high quality, structured light scanner from ZEISS.

Augmented Reality with Spotlight AR++

Spotlight AR++ for PolyWorks is an augmented reality tool that allows users to project color maps and features directly into the part to visualize directly on the surface.

What is UMA?

3D Infotech's Universal Metrology Automation reduces production costs and increases inspection consistency.



UMA Smart Cell

3D Infotech's Universal Metrology Automation Smart Cell supports Universal Robots, Kuka and Fanuc, also supports 3D sensors like Creaform, LMI, Faro and Zeiss.

3D Infotech at Control 2017 with LMI

3D Infotech at Control 2017 with LMI

UR5 & HandySCAN - ATX West 2018

3D Infotech's turn-key UMA Portable solution demonstration in the Creaform booth at ATX West.

Kuka LBR iiwa and HandyPROBE

3D Infotech’s automated inspection solution for the challenges of measuring transparent objects. Since 3D scanners use laser or structured light scanning to see the shape of an object, scanning a transparent object becomes an almost impossible challenge as light passes through this material. Combining the power of Universal Metrology Automation with 3D probing, there is now a solution for this challenge and other similar applications where 3D vision has difficulty capturing data. For example, deep pockets or holes can now be easily measured with this solution.

MetraSCAN with Streamline

3D Infotech’s Streamline automation software facilitates ease of hardware integration, robot path teaching, and user operation for the Creaform MetraSCAN-R.

UMA at Automate 2017 with LMI

3D Infotech showcased the all new Gocator 3210 snapshot sensor from LMI Technologies at Automate 2017. This automated 3D scanning solution is powered by our Streamline automation software. With Streamline, automated inspection systems can be rapidly configured and deployed with plug and play functionality. 3D scan data is rapidly processed through PolyWorks, provided manufacturers with reduced cycle times and real-time visibility into production quality. This particular configuration utilizes the UR3 collaborative robot from Universal Robots.

UR10 and Zeiss Comet driven by Streamline

3D Infotech High Precision Non-Contact Automated Inspection

UMA Pick and Place Demo

Universal Metrology Automation with Universal Robot's UR3s with LMI's Gocator. This pick and place demo uses a UR3 with a Robotiq grip to place the part on the rotary table and when finished, depending on the result, placing the part on the conveyor belt of the right color.

MetraSCAN Fender Scanning with Streamline

Streamline software driving Universal Robot's arm and Creaform's Metrascan. This solution provides one of the fastest laser scanning solutions for metrology automation for the automotive industry.  Metrascan scanner uses C-Track optical tracker to feed PolyWorks with the position of the 3D scanner, which provides an additional aid when stitching scan passes together.  This is ideal when scanning large flat surfaces or other surfaces with no distinctive features.

3D Infotech with LMI at Control 2016

Demonstration of Universal Metrology Automation from 3D Infotech's at LMI's booth at the Control 2016 show in Stuttgart, Germany. A solution involving Universal Robot UR5, LMI's Gocator and a rotary table, driven by Steamline software.

UR5 and Faro Cobalt powered by Streamline

Universal Robot UR5 and Faro Cobalt working together thanks to Streamline software

UMA Demo for Small Part Inspection

Universal Metrology Automation with UR3 and LMI Gocator

UMA at Automate 2017 with Creaform

Automated inspection using Creaform HandySCAN and Universal Robot's UR5. Driven by Streamline software by 3D Infotech.