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UMA Value Proposition

3D Infotech's Universal Metrology Automation reduces production costs and increases inspection consistency.

UMA Pick and Place Demo

Universal Metrology Automation with Universal Robot's UR3s with LMI's Gocator. This pick and place demo uses a UR3 with a Robotiq grip to place the part on the rotary table and when finished, depending on the result, placing the part on the conveyor belt of the right color.

UR10 and Zeiss Comet driven by Streamline

3D Infotech High Precision Non-Contact Automated Inspection

AeroDef 2016

UMA with Laser 3D Scanner

3D Infotech with LMI at Control 2016

Demonstration of Universal Metrology Automation from 3D Infotech's at LMI's booth at the Control 2016 show in Stuttgart, Germany. A solution involving Universal Robot UR5, LMI's Gocator and a rotary table, driven by Steamline software.

UR5 and Faro Cobalt powered by Streamline

Universal Robot UR5 and Faro Cobalt working together thanks to Streamline software

UMA Demo for Small Part Inspection

Universal Metrology Automation with UR3 and LMI Gocator

UMA at PolyWorks 2016 Conference

Universal Metrology Automation at PolyWorks 2016 Conference.