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PolyWorks | DataLoop

PolyWorks | DataLoop

The digital connectivity solution that interconnects all the people that capture or need access to 3D measurement information.
PolyWorks | PMI+Loop

PolyWorks | PMI+Loop

The model-based definition solution for collaborative measurement planning between your product engineering teams.
PolyWorks | ReportLoop

PolyWorks | ReportLoop

The smart reporting solution that simplifies the integration of inspection results within your preformatted corporate Excel reports.
The digital connectivity solution that interconnects all the people that capture or need access to 3D measurement information


PolyWorks|DataLoop™ is the next-generation data management solution that allows enterprisewide sharing of 3D measurement data and results, contributing to the digital transformation of your organization. It provides a digital collaboration platform that facilitates teamwork by interconnecting all team members that capture or need access to 3D measurement information.

Robust 3D Measurement Data Management

PolyWorks|DataLoop is a scalable data management solution that allows you to optimally handle the vast amount of data produced by your 3D measurement activities by storing your inspection projects, their revisions, and 3D measurement data in a centralized database.

Centralized file storage and backup

Store metrology project files centrally on your on-premises or cloud-based server computers, managed by your IT team.

Powerful Search capabilities

Search and filter metrology projects using standard and custom project properties that are indexed by the database.

Fast data transfer

Download and upload projects in a flash thanks to intelligent caching strategies and minimal data transfer techniques.

Universal web-based access to your data

Use a standard web browser, on a desktop computer or a mobile device, to monitor 3D measurement activities and open any inspection project in 3D.

Real-time monitoring and data mining

Analyze manufacturing issues in real time through customizable dashboards, trend charts, and data mining in inspection projects.

Instantaneous data sharing

Share any inspection project with colleagues through clickable hyperlinks.

Data Access Made Easy

Find an inspection project by entering a part number. Retrieve the 3D measurement data of a defective piece from its serial number. It’s now that easy. The days where you had to browse for a file or folder on a local or network disk are now gone.Welcome to the new world of PolyWorks|DataLoop, where you search for meaningful

Digital Connectivity that Boosts
Teamwork Efficiency

PolyWorks|DataLoop profoundly transforms the processes and human interactions of the teams that capture or need access to 3D measurement data, thanks to its multiplatform flexible digital framework and concurrent access capabilities that allow teams to review, edit, and measure one inspection project simultaneously.

PLM Connectors

Universal digital access to CAD and 3D measurement data

The PolyWorks|DataLoop™ PLM connectors digitally interconnect your Product Lifecycle Management and 3D measurement ecosystems, allowing your product engineering, manufacturing, and 3D measurement teams to easily access and share product definition and 3D measurement data and boosting the performance of your quality assurance processes.

Import CAD data stored in the PLM directly into PolyWorks®

Search for CAD models and assemblies stored in the PLM from PolyWorks|Inspector™ and directly import any revisions.

Access 3D measurement data and results from the PLM

Inject into your PLM light inspection project objects linked to the PolyWorks|DataLoop database and access 3D measurement data and results in a single click.

Digital PLM processes boosted by 3D measurement data

Accelerate new product development and improve product quality proactively by integrating valuable 3D measurement data into your digital PLM enterprise processes
Engineering change

Engineering change

Access 3D measurement data easily from the PLM to troubleshoot design and manufacturing issues and check on the success or failure of a fix.
Revision traceability

Revision traceability

Document the cause of engineering changes through hyperlinks that point to relevant 3D measurement data and discussion threads.
Approval process optimization

Approval process optimization

Improve the efficiency of existing PLM-based approval processes by linking CAD revisions to their corresponding 3D measurement data.
Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement

Analyze your enterprise’s current manufacturing process capability to improve the next product designs.
Start sharing your inspection projects in 3D within your organization and network of suppliers!
The smart remote control for PolyWorks|Inspector™ that boosts measurement efficiency on the shop floor


PolyWorks|PMI+Loop™ is an innovative Model-Based Definition (MBD) solution that allows you to define 3D measurement plans associative with CAD design geometry within a single digital authoring tool, your native CAD platform. Fully interoperable with PolyWorks|Inspector™, it provides a digital collaboration platform to your design, manufacturing, and 3D measurement teams for driving product engineering processes from a single product definition.



Measurement-ready CAD geometry

Define 3D measurement objects and construction geometry, along with their characteristics and controlled dimensions, associative with the CAD design geometry and its native GD&T.

Manufacturing feedback ready

Set up specialized characteristics to obtain feature location, surface and edge deviations, and tie them to assembly, tooling, or datum coordinate systems.

Report-ready bill of characteristics

Review, order, and number characteristics, and link them to 3D views/captures of your CAD model which are ready for the CAD generation of 2D drawings and 3D PDFs.

Inspection-ready MBD

Import the PMI+Loop CAD-based MBD and the CAD model into your PolyWorks® inspection projects, and start measuring parts.
Interested in the PolyWorks|PMI+Loop™ model-based definition solution? Fill the form and our metrology experts will contact you!
The smart reporting solution that simplifies the integration of inspection results within your preformatted corporate Excel reports


PolyWorks|ReportLoop™ is a free Excel-based reporting solution that allows you to integrate smart and updateable 3D inspection data within your preformatted corporate report spreadsheets by directly linking spreadsheet cells to items in PolyWorks|Inspector™ projects.

Spreadsheet cells linked to inspection data

Link Excel spreadsheet cells to PolyWorks|Inspector project and piece properties, controls, control views, tables, and snapshots.

Automatic spreadsheet updates

Edit an inspection project reported in your spreadsheet at any time, then let PolyWorks|ReportLoop automatically update the spreadsheet values.

Ideal for enterprisewide deployment

Gain efficiency and savings by deploying a free reporting solution, interoperable with the free PolyWorks|Reviewer™ inspection project reviewing software.
Interested in the PolyWorks|ReportLoop™ smart reporting solution? Fill the form and our metrology experts will contact you!



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