3D Infotech strives to provide breakthroughs that optimize the creation, modification and comparison of 3D digital and physical information resulting in the delivery of benefits never thought possible. 3D Infotech’s success is due to its outstanding employees, strong technical leadership and the strategic partnerships it has from with customers, metrology equipment manufacturers and software developers. With these resources, 3D Infotech will continue to define and develop leading edge products and maintain a technological leadership position in its field.


3D Infotech has over 15 years of metrology expertise.  With teams dedicated to selling and supporting PolyWorks® metrology software in the Western United States and teams focused on developing Universal Metrology Automation™ (UMA) solutions for manufacturing companies in Aerospace, Automotive and Consumer Electronics industries.  We have enjoyed consistent annual growth of over 30% for over 5 years, following our customers’ success with our solutions.  Our primary marketing is our customers, who value our technical support and the strong benefits that PolyWorks® and UMA deliver to their bottom line for quality control automation and adaptive manufacturing applications.




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1st Place 2019 Mousetrap Awards
Category: Electronics & Test: Components, Hardware & Interconnects

2nd Place 2019 Mousetrap Awards
Category: Automation & Motion Control: Sensors, Vision Systems, Feedback Devices & Peripherals


Delivering productivity in manufacturing companies through quality control automation is a challenge today. There are many complex processes and requirements that need to be satisfied. Human driven quality procedures yield slow and highly variable results, reducing confidence whether parts are truly produced satisfactorily or not.

UMA solutions by 3D Infotech are designed to be highly repeatable and configurable to adapt to customers’ changing needs. Our objective it to make task of implementing a fully automated system in the shop-floor simple and straight-forward. Our range of solutions help address the toughest measurement and analysis requirements. 3D Infotech has experience working with over seventy 3D scanners used in metrology and with a variety of robots ranging from Fanuc, ABB and Universal Robots. We have developed Streamline software to enable the automation of this large variety of hardware and integrated it seamlessly with PolyWorks inspection software and back-end processes such as PLC’s, SPC and Databases.

Our team is dedicated to delivering a turn-key system whose sole purpose is to deliver value through improving productivity in quality processes.




Aruna Robotics is a division of 3D Infotech, Inc. An affordable line of software and hardware products focused on robotic automation for any industry.

Aruna Robotics makes affordable innovative hardware and software tools for collaborative robots to make automation easier to implement helping companies of all sizes address the growing need for accessible robotic automation in any industry.




We are the developers of Point2CAD, the leading reverse engineering software for portable CMMs. No other company has the experience and knowledge we have in Reverse Engineering.

Point2CAD is an indispensable software for intuitively reverse-engineer physical parts into SolidWorks CAD environment. With this software you can easily create parametric solid models from your physical part.


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