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3D Infotech drives productivity through automated quality assurance, establishing confidence in your process through results that are consistent, objective, and accurate.

3D Infotech’s automated metrology brings a new generation of easy to use and rapid measurement solutions to support organizations with demanding production volumes and innovative new products. Leaders in aerospace, automotive, consumer products and medical device manufacturing use metrology to reveal deficiencies in their process and correct them. With over 13 years of metrology and automation experience, we provide best-in-class technology, training, and support to transform quality from a cost center to a value-added component to your manufacturing process. Universal Metrology Automation® (UMA) is a rapid inspection solution with a simple universal interface that configures to your needs.

3D Infotech is one of the fastest growing companies in its industry and its global footprint continues to expand due to its committed employees, strong technical leadership and the strategic partnerships with customers and partners. Continuous growth and improvement is a critical characteristic of our organization and how we innovate.
3D Infotech strives to provide breakthroughs that optimize the creation, modification and comparison of 3D digital and physical information resulting in the delivery of benefits never thought possible. 3D Infotech’s success is due to its outstanding employees, strong technical leadership and the strategic partnerships it has from with customers, metrology equipment manufacturers and software developers. With these resources, 3D Infotech will continue to define and develop leading edge products and maintain a technological leadership position in its field.
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Universal Metrology Automation™ (UMA)
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