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For over 15 years 3D Infotech has deployed innovative metrology and process optimization solutions into mission critical production environments and quality assurance laboratories across most major manufacturing industries (Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Products, Medical Device, and more). The vast expertise we have developed in PolyWorks, 3D scanning, coordinate measurement machines, and robotics allows us to add significant value to your company on day one; securing the competitive edge of industry leading technology for your organization. Our approach to Universal Metrology Automation® (UMA) incorporates both hardware and software, considering all factors of an application to determine the best solution. Coupled with our cross-functional engineering team of hardware/software developers we can comprehensively support in your automation project and drive operational excellence.



  • Retro-fit obsolete robot cells with Universal Metrology Automation (UMA)
  • Integrate augmented reality and adaptive manufacturing into UMA solutions
  • PolyWorks real-time interfaces and plug-ins
  • PolyWorks custom interface and operator workflows
  • Custom software interface and development

Support and Knowledge Transfer

  • PolyWorks Inspection Templates
  • 3D Inspection and Analysis Services (On/off-site)
  • Center of Excellence implementation with proven results
  • Develop in-house UMA and metrology expertise at your organization
  • CAD asset creation and legacy part reverse engineering


  • In-depth pre-sales benchmarks
  • Engineering proof of concepts
  • Multiple UMA Smart Cells and Smart Stations for turn-key buy-offs
  • Over 40 3D scanners in-house for testing data quality, speed, and ease-of-use on customer parts
  • Gage R&R Studies: Compare the performance of various scanning brands and devices, including Laser and Structured Light
  • Cycle-time testing and ROI calculation support


  • PolyWorks Macro Scripting
  • Industrial and collaborative robotics
  • Machine Tending, pick and place
  • Streamline Automation Software
  • Machine Tending
  • System design and implementation
  • Mobile robots (platforms) and multi-axis integration


  • Hardware and software integration into turn-key solutions
  • PLC systems implementation
  • Database management and networking
  • Upgrade existing equipment

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