UR5 and HandySCAN



Streamline Software

3D Infotech’s Streamline process control software is the soul of Universal Metrology Automation®. It allows you to easily setup new automated inspection jobs with a variety of robot and scanner brands. A touchscreen user interface provides a friendly solution which is secure and permission based.

Common operations

  • Teach a new automated inspection sequence for a product
  • Edit robot paths or scanner settings
  • Run an automation inspection cycle
  • Stream results to enterprise systems
  • View current progress in real-time remotely
  • Communicate with Programmable Logic Control (PLC) and other devices

Delivering Value

Streamline enables rapid deployment of metrology automation projects. By providing a simple workflow and user interface, customers can quickly setup inspection templates. Once measurement results have been processed, reports and other traceability data can be seamlessly delivered to enterprise data management systems.

Multipart variability can be tracked using SPC to improve production processes, reduce failure and increase repeatability.