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Case Study

IMPROVING 3D INSPECTION through process automation

3D Infotech, Inc.


ATI Specialty Alloys & Components already embraced 3D scanning and PolyWorks as one of their key inspection tools to measure the line profiles from the outline of metal parts. 3D scanning can be very technical, there are a lot of variables and settings that can be accidentally changed by the user and the result is inconsistent or wrong data.
Joe Kelly, Mechatronics Engineer at ATI Specialty Alloys and Components said: 

AVIVA Product Image
AVIVA Product Image
“With PolyWorks, we were able to automate some tasks, but the operator still needed to intervene for some pieces of the process to remove “garbage data” or to navigate the menus to get the reports up and visible. Because of some of the human intervention, there was some wasted time due to re-scanning parts.”

PolyWorks has a great toolset and a powerful scripting engine that allows it to automate many tasks, but this was not enough, all the part of the process that is directly controlled by the scanner was out of PolyWorks.


Streamline software, 3D Infotech’s proprietary development, is a powerful metrology automation tool, allowing users to complete an inspection by just hitting “play” without further human intervention.  Since adding robotic inspection was not an option, 3D Infotech presented Streamline Assist, a simplified alternative to Streamline that doesn’t require a robot and works with Creaform hand-held scanners.

AVIVA Product Image
AVIVA Product Image
AVIVA Product Image
“We wanted to use 3DInfotech’s Streamline program to help automate some of the processes, but there was not a way to get a cobot in the process. This is when we were introduced to Streamline Assist.  With Streamline Assist, we were able to automate the inspection process. The inspector just has to scan the part and pick the alignment points. No need for much intervention”

Streamline Assist is not only an automation tool, but it is also a full workflow process inspection tool that guides the user step-by-step and makes sure all information is stored consistently. 

Streamline Assist removes tedious tasks and technical challenges, that way the users can focus on their work and have a better daily experience. This is an example of how working with the right tools can increase job satisfaction and at the same time generate savings.

“The inspectors are very happy with using Streamline Assist. They are claiming that it requires less training and less remembering of key details (like “where was that one button in that one menu?”) They are very happy with the software, we are seeing an improvement to morale, and we are able to train more inspectors due to the simplification of the inspection process.”

Time reduction chart


Solution delivery:

  • Streamline Assist: a powerful 3D scanning automation tool that improves the workflow of every operator in the shop floor by saving time in the scanning and inspection process.
  • Clean integration of PolyWorks Inspector software and Creaform’s HandySCAN 3D with a single user interface.
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Production Workflow

For Handheld 3D Scanning
From start to finish, Streamline Assist hides all the complexities of the 3D scanner settings and inspection software, eliminating more than 20 common user errors.

Additionally, it offers visual instructions to guide the user through the entire inspection process. By simply pressing PLAY

Streamline Assist works together with PolyWorks and Creaform's VXElements, offering a clean integration between hardware-software.
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