3D scanner integration

3D Infotech has developed realtime interfaces to various 3D measurement devices, directly into PolyWorks. This requires custom software development and optimization of data handling, visualization and analysis.

PolyWorks macro programming

Using the Macro Script Command Language (MSCL) available in the PolyWorks, 3D Infotech has developers that can customize the application software to automate repeated tasks, incorporate new calculations, include decision handling and also integrate with external applications or IT systems.

Standalone application development

With over 8 years experience in 3D scan data processing and 3D interactive visualization, 3D Infotech can develop software that works in stand-alone mode to allow users to perform designed tasks. For example, we have written an application to optimize intensity and color on scan data, and yet another to automatically trigger events based on existing events. We also have the ability to develop realtime, interactive simulations or modules to train complex procedures to individuals.