Mixed Light Scanner

Non-destructive testing, its a real-time image overlay and detection solution for both Fluorescence Magnetic Particle (FMPI) and Fluorescence Liquid Penetrant (FLPI) inspection.
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This solution is driven by Streamline software

ML-2000 Sensor

ML-2000™ provides a fast and non invasive detection and sizing of the cracks, mantaining accuracy of measurement on every part you inspect.
Support Magnetic Particle (MPI) and Liquid Penetrant (LPI) inspection
Detection of faults even at extremely high levels of background light (>100,000 lux)

Airfoil Blade Inspection

Airfoil blades are designed to mantain optimum aerodynamics while experimenting high temperatures and exposition to the elements. The NDI, is the solution from 3D Infotech for the aerospace industry, made to improve the inspection worklow of brand new blades, and also to rectificate and detect structural imperfections or damages that may put blade lifetime at risk.

Key Features

  • Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant support
  • Detection at high levels of background light
  • Real-time visualization of the results
  • Easy and fast workflow
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Reduce inspection costs

Integrated with UMA Systems

Non-destructive Inspection ML-2000 it's can be easily integrated with any of our Universal Metrology Automation solutions, to automate and improve the inspection process.
Smart Station
Smart Desktop

Driven by Streamline

Metrology Automation Software
The system works together with Streamline Automation Software, allowing to setup robot tasks to automatically detect any class of specied surface or process defect, grab an image and generate a report.

Software automatically detects any class of specied surface or process defect. A false-colour rendition of the defect can be overlain in real-time over a regular image of the part to assist an inspector locate the defect.



Camera dimensions

10*10*20 cm

Camera weight

1 kg

Light Source

4 * 365 nm UV LED Source


UR3e / UR5e / UR10e



IT Defect detection


Rotary Table

UMA Smart Desktop

UMA Smart Station


Castings & Forgings

Injection Molding


CNC Machining


Metal Die & Stamping


Sheet Metal Forming

Additive 3D Printing
Composite Lay-up
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