PolyWorks Total Solution

One-Stop Metrology Solution

  • Standard software in major automotive and aeronautic OEMs worldwide
  • Total high-density point cloud engineering solution
  • Operation of arm-based & hand-held probing devices, as well as laser trackers

Xtreme User Interface Customization

  • Fully customizable menus, toolbars, and docking windows
  • Shop-floor-ready interfaces in no time
  • Optimized visual layouts for corporate deployment

Complete Usability

  • Beginner visual layouts with adapted menus and toolbars for quick learning
  • Best-in-class part inspection workflow
  • World-renowned technical support

Groundbreaking Computing Techniques

  • PolyWorks x64 for unlimited memory usage
  • Polygonal meshing distributed over computer network
  • Parallel computing on dual-core and multi-CPU systems
PolyWorks® images courtesy of InnovMetric Software.