Consulting Services

Since each of our customers are different, we provide customized solutions to your unique business problems. Our professional Consulting Services division will provide the highest quality installation, implementation and integration services to help you manage your migration to an automated solution.

3D Infotech has assembled a team of experts who will help you in every facet of your automation project.  We can provide assistance in:

Write custom software

There are many occasions when a simple software tool very specific to your process needs to be implemented. This can be as simple as file handling or integration with your back-end systems. Our team has the programming capability to deliver such custom integration for our clients.

Provide in-depth pre-sales benchmarks 

Consulting benchmarks, provided on a fee basis, go further than a basic product demonstration by actually taking a project that you provide from start to finish. These completed projects prove that 3D Infotech’s products can perform the functions you need and dramatically reduce your time to market, thus making you confident in your decision to purchase 3D Infotech’s products.

Create in-house experts

On-site consultants offer a more in-depth knowledge of processes, which can substantially shorten your learning curve. The consultant can direct you to specific paths of process flow and show the most productive options for performing tasks. Using this hands-on method of teaching brings you quickly to the level of an expert user.

Create quality surface models the first time

While our software makes it extremely easy to create good CAD models, new users can easily create poor geometry through incorrect use of the product. Our consultants will take you beyond the classroom training by walking you through the initial model creation and showing you how to efficiently integrate 3D Infotech products into your processes to ensure their most efficient use.

Create Inspection Templates

Complex blue-prints can be transformed into automated inspection templates by our encoding process. Our consultants can rapidly encode such projects for you to execute for your production level deployment.

Customize the interface and automate repetitive tasks

The consultants can be retained to provide specific customizations of the software to meet your process needs.

Accelerate implementation

A 3D Infotech consultant retained at your site during the critical implementation period reduces the chances of any “hiccups” as you are becoming accustomed to the software. The consultants also bring years of process knowledge during this phase, which they can recommend and integrate into your unique process.