Assist for Hand held scanning

A powerful, innovative workflow management software that provides the shop floor user step-by-step guidance of the entire 3D scanning and inspection process.
From start to finish, Streamline Assist hides all the complexities of the 3D scanner settings and inspection software, eliminating more than 20 common user errors.

Additionally, it offers visual instructions to guide the user through the entire inspection process.  Simply press PLAY


Streamline assist enables rapid deployment of metrology automation projects by providing a simple workflow and offering instructions to guide any user from start to finish.

Experience the automation of Streamline, now with hand held scanning


Significantly accelerates several steps of the process

Promotes consistency from user to user

Improves quality of data

Prevents/Reduces errors

Increases job satisfaction

Retains inspection know-how

Elevates operator skill-level

Scalability: Scales from 1 to infinite number of users and devices with minimal training

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Streamline Assist Bundles



HandySCAN BLACK™ Elite

MetraSCAN 750™ Elite


0.025 mm (0.0009 in)

Up to 0.030 mm (0.0012 in)

Volumetric Accuracy

0.020 mm + 0.040 mm/m
(0.0008 in + 0.0005 in/ft)

(0.0031 in)

Measurement Resolution

0.025 mm (0.0009 in)

0.050 mm (0.0020 in)

Mesh Resolution

0.100 mm (0.0039 in)

0.200 mm (0.0078 in)

Measurement Rate

1,300,000 measurements/s

480,000 measurements/s

Light Source

11 blue laser crosses
(+1 extra line)

7 red laser crosses
(+1 extra line)

Scanning Area

310 x 350 mm (12.2 x 13.8 in)

275 x 250 mm (10.8 x 9.8 in)

VersaTargets Kit

6 mm

12 mm


Streamline Assist

PolyWorks Inspector 2019



Rotary Table

SightInspect Camera Kit

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