Maintenance & Support

For PolyWorks, InnovMetric Software is well aware that in today's competitive world, customers' processes need to run smoothly and at an ever-increasing pace. That is why we are committed to providing you with first-class technical support on all our products. Personalized technical support is provided by both our in-house customer support team as well as InnovMetric specialists located worldwide.

For PolyWorks software licenses, one year support/maintenance coverage is provided at no extra cost, with an option to renew yearly. The support/maintenance contract gives access to:

New Releases of PolyWorks

  • Official releases (yearly or so)
  • Intermediary versions (up to 3 times per year)
  • PolyWorks plug-ins for various hardware
  • PolyWorks service packs

Live assistance

Our highly-trained application engineers are dedicated to provide technical support and training specifically oriented toward your specific needs. Support is provided via telephone and email.

InnovMetric's support team is made of highly-trained application engineers dedicated to providing technical support, training, and consulting services oriented specifically toward your specific needs. Support is provided via telephone and email. Training and consulting is available at our location or yours.

Tel: 888-688-2061 (between 8:00 A.M.and 5:00 P.M.Monday-Friday, North-American Eastern time) E-mail:

Online help for Polyworks is also available through InnovMetric's Technical Support Zone.

  • A New Releases section, offering the latest versions (official, intermediary, patches) of PolyWorks.
  • A Tutorial section, containing various video tutorials showing how to use some of PolyWorks most noticeable tools.
  • A Data Exchange section, offering the possibility of downloading various datasets (point clouds) as well as the Beginner's Guides documents.
  • This section also offers the possibility of uploading data to InnovMetric.
  • A Macro Zone that enables users of the PolyWorks community to share macro scripts with other users.
  • A FAQ section which answers to the most frequently-asked questions of new PolyWorks Users.