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PolyWorks® 2018 Basic Training for PolyWorks|Modeler™


  • Introduce the PolyWorks interface and the reverse-engineering workflows
  • Acquire scanned and probed data for reverse-engineering
  • Create a high-quality polygonal model for reverse-engineering by using the real- time quality meshing technology
  • Edit the polygonal model for repairing and/or reshaping purposes
  • Model prismatic shapes using sketching for downstream and associative parametric modeling
  • Model freeform shapes using NURBS surfacing for downstream modeling


PolyWorks basics

  • Workspace Manager interface
  • Workspace Manager options
    • Units
    • Plug-ins
    • Talisman server
  • IMEdit interface – Basic notions
  • Reverse-engineering workflows

Acquire Data objects

  • Connect to a device
  • Scan a polygonal model using quality metrics
  • Scan a surface point cloud
  • Create a polygonal model from a surface point cloud
  • Work in different device positions
  • Align scanned polygonal models and create a unified polygonal model
  • Extract key features on the polygonal model
  • Align the polygonal model to the standard axes of the coordinate system

Edit the polygonal model

  • Optimize the curvature of the polygonal model mesh
  • Fill holes
    • Automatically
    • Interactively
  • Smooth the vertices of the polygonal model
  • Reconstruct specific areas
  • Create, edit, and insert curves into the polygonal model
    • Standard
    • Boundary
    • Fillet Tangent
    • Edge
  • Reduce or subdivide triangles

Model prismatic shapes using sketching

  • Create a sketch from the outline of a polygonal model
  • Create and edit sketch entities fitted to the polygonal model outline
  • Add dimensions to sketch entities
  • Add relations to sketch entities
  • Export sketches in native CAD software formats

Model freeform shapes using NURBS surfacing

  • Create a network of curves that defines NURBS patches
  • Fit NURBS patches to the underlying polygonal model
  • NURBS patch fitting parameters
  • NURBS patch fitting errors
  • Create a NURBS model from the fitted NURBS patches
  • Export the fitted NURBS patches or the NURBS model for use in downstream CAD software
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