Probing Package

PolyWorks® 2018 Basic Training for PolyWorks|Inspector™


  • Introduce the PolyWorks interface and the inspection workflows
  • Acquire probed data for inspection
  • Align data to the CAD model using surface points, feature-based, Datum Reference Frame and Reference Targets alignments
  • Create measurement objects and set controls
  • Visualize, report and share inspection results using snapshots, tables, and formatted reports
  • Repeat an inspection process automatically using the Play Inspection tool


PolyWorks basics

  • Workspace Manager interface
  • Workspace Manager options
    • Units
    • Plug-ins
    • Talisman
  • IMInspect Probing interface – Basic notions
  • Inspection workflows

Import Reference objects and acquire Data objects

  • Reference objects and nominal components
    • Import a CAD model to use as a Reference model for inspection
    • Create nominal components when no CAD model is available
  • Data objects for inspection
    • Probe measurement objects
    • Work in different device positions

Align Data objects to the Reference object

  • Surface point alignment
  • Feature-based alignments
    • Center Points
    • Perpendicular Planes
    • Plane, Axis, Center Point
  • Datum Reference Frame alignment
  • Reference Targets alignment
  • Coordinate system creation

Create measurement objects and set controls

  • Features
  • Comparison points
  • Geometry Controls
    • Dimensional controls
    • GD&T controls
  • Build/Inspect

Visualize, report, and share inspection results

  • Navigators: features, cross-sections, gauges
  • Formatted reports
    • Snapshots
    • Report tables
  • Customize annotations, report tables, and formatted reports
  • PolyWorks| Viewer

Repeat an inspection without programming

  • Play Inspection tool
  • Guiding instructions and measurement points
  • Object Control SPC
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