3D Infotech releases version 1.4 of Streamline

3D Infotech releases the version 1.4 of Streamline software, which includes new features

IRVINE, CA. - (Feb 20, 2019), Since its initial release in mid-2017, Streamline has established itself as the leading software to deploy metrology automation systems. 3D Infotech has been taking feedback from customers and aggressively adding features to deliver greater value in quality inspection processes.

The latest release includes critical features such as:

  • Scripting for user level customization
  • Tighter integration with PolyWorks software
  • Client-server technology for dual-cell setups
  • Integration with projection systems
  • Support for advanced features of Universal Robots
  • Workflow automation tool for hand-held 3D scanners
  • Creaform auto-calibration support

This builds on top of some important features that were released in 2018, including:

  • Zeiss COMET L3D2 with Colin3D
  • Cognex Machine vision support
  • Hexagon Leica T-Scan integration
  • Advanced user access controls
  • Native scan data 3D alignment
  • Kuka collaborative robot support
  • Newmark rotary table integration
  • Natural Point optical tracker integration
  • Motion device movement synchronization
  • Improved image support in message boxes
  • Improved touch-screen user interface

In just over a year, 3D Infotech’s development team has introduced hundreds of features to enable manufacturing companies to rapidly deploy Universal Metrology AutomationTM (UMA) solutions for a variety of robots and measurement devices for factory automation.

3D Infotech develops UMA systems and software for factory automation and augmented reality market segments. Streamline is an automation software to help users of both 2D and 3D machine vision systems to rapidly deploy consistent and repeatable workflows to their inspection processes.

A web demonstration of the new product is available on request. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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