Universal Robots and Apex Motion Control to launch Zero Footprint Palletizer at ATX West show in Anaheim

ATX West Show Banner

Attendees at ATX West show in Anaheim, CA, Feb 6-8, will get a hands-on experience of how user friendly collaborative robots – or cobots - can now safely and effortlessly automate some of the most common manufacturing tasks in the industry.

The market leader of collaborative robots showcases new solutions to lower the automation barrier with exhibits including cobot-assisted palletizing, soldering and welding operations.

Read the full story: https://www.robotics.org/content-detail.cfm/Industrial-Robotics-News/Universal-Robots-and-Apex-Motion-Control-to-launch-Zero-Footprint-Palletizer-at-ATX-West-show-in-Anaheim/content_id/6971

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