3D Infotech Media Center

The latest version includes the registered character for Universal Metrology Automation.  Updated on June 6,2016.


There are two orientation versions of our logo:
  • Standard orientation (vertical)
  • Horizontal version


When it comes to colors, there are two versions:

  • Standard: To be used with light backgrounds
  • Dark: To be used with dark backgrounds.   Look for the _dark text on the filename.
The color values in RGB and web of each color are:
  • Blue: 23,108,181  #176cb5
  • Red: 237,31,36 #ed1f24
  • Green: 65,182,73 #41b649
  • Yellow: 251,217,6 #fbd906
  • Gray: 155,155,155 #9b9b9b

The download package includes:


Depending on the image format you can have transparency:


JPEG image format is the most common format on the internet, depending on the compression it generates pixelation and noise, it doesn't support transparency.


PNG image format has certain level of compression but it supports transparency, it is ideal for using it with Microsoft Office documents.  Look for files with _transparency on the name.


Photoshop image format has no format and supports transparency, usually it is meant to be used in graphics design software and not in end user documents.

Special Uses

There are two versions in which the images are a square, this proportion is usually needed for profile images in social networks and other websites, it is very useful to avoid cropping and stretching.

There is an option with the full logo and another one with the cube only.



The zip package includes:

Low Resolution

To be used in presentations, documents and the web.  Size is aprox. 500 pixels width.
  • 3DInfotech_Logo_2015_v2_03a_R_horizontal_transparent_lowres.png
  • 3DInfotech_Logo_2015_v2_03a_R_lowres.jpg
  • 3DInfotech_Logo_2015_v2_03a_R_square.jpg
  • 3DInfotech_Logo_2015_v2_03a_R_square.png
  • 3DInfotech_Logo_2015_v2_03a_R_square.psd
  • 3DInfotech_Logo_2015_v2_03a_R_square_only.jpg
  • 3DInfotech_Logo_2015_v2_03a_R_square_only.png
  • 3DInfotech_Logo_2015_v2_03a_R_square_only.psd
  • 3DInfotech_Logo_2015_v2_03a_R_transparent_dark_lowres.png
  • 3DInfotech_Logo_2015_v2_03a_R_transparent_lowres.png



There is a PDF file with four different versions in vectors, which is compatible with Adobe Illustrator and other verctor programs.  Additionally there is a Fonts.zip file, with the fonts used.

High Resolution

To be used in print documents and other professional applications. Size is aprox. 2,000 pixel width.
  • 3DInfotech_Logo_2015_v2_03a_R.jpg
  • 3DInfotech_Logo_2015_v2_03a_R_dark.psd
  • 3DInfotech_Logo_2015_v2_03a_R_horizontal_transparent.png
  • 3DInfotech_Logo_2015_v2_03a_R_horizontal_transparent.psd
  • 3DInfotech_Logo_2015_v2_03a_R_horizontal_transparent_dark.psd
  • 3DInfotech_Logo_2015_v2_03a_R_transparent.png
  • 3DInfotech_Logo_2015_v2_03a_R_transparent.psd
  • 3DInfotech_Logo_2015_v2_03a_R_transparent_dark.png


To download the package, click on the following link:
3D Infotech's Logo at Digital Assets Page
Universal Metrology Automation® is a registered trademark of 3D Infotech, Inc.