Catalyst__Universal Metrology Automation__

Non-Contact 3D Inspection

3D Infotech’s Metrology Automation Systems allow you to easily teach how to measure parts and inspect them. Once a program is created, an operator can simply place a part in the measuring area and run the program. The robot or motion control system scans the part and compares it to CAD to generate dimensional analysis reports.

The analysis can include:

  • Deviation color maps
  • Geometric dimensioning and tolerance (GD&T)
  • Statistical process control

Standard and custom reports are generated automatically showing part conformance. These can be shared with others using PDF, Excel, HTML and PolyWorks file formats.

High-end mathematical algorithms are used to process large amounts of data generated by our automated 3D scanning system. The quality reports can be utilized across the enterprise with suppliers, customers and internal departments.

Our systems are controlled using 3D Infotech’s proprietary controller, custom motherboard and software. We support a variety of 3D scanners and robots for high-speed, high accuracy and high resolution data capture on complex parts.

Motion Control

High Level Workflow

3D Infotech configures inspection routines for the required parts. The operator will control the system using an on/off switch, an emergency stop mechanism is available for safety.

When the system is on, it is waiting for a part to be positioned on the rotary table. The operator will need to select the part that is being measured and enter a serial number. By Simply pressing the green scan button, it will initiate the inspection routine. Once the system has completed its tasks, the software will perform the necessary calculations, archive part quality data, and display the appropriate quality report.

Any operator or manager is able to drill down into a detailed metrology report as needed.

Inspection Templates

Create inspection templates and measurement programs at your desk while your automated metrology system is busy inspecting parts.

Enterprise Database Integration

Monitor your factory production processes by visualizing key statistical data on your desktop. Realtime dashboard can be created to integrate shop floor data into existing PLM and ERP systems.

RS Series

Robot Scanning Automation


These systems are ideal for scanning complex parts in which the scanner requires to be positioned at different angles with several degrees of freedom, parts that include exterior and interior features like motor blocks are ideal for this solution.

RS Series are also ideal when the part is too big to fit in a table, so the versatility of a large robot arm solves the automation process.

TS Series

Table Scanning Automation


Table scanning systems are ideal for medium size parts with mostly exterior features, the scanner has two degrees of freedom to move plus the rotation of the table, this type of system is ideal for scanning circular parts like gears. But can also work with less complex motor blocks and similar parts.

MS Series

Micro Scanning Automation


Micro Scanning Series are very similar to TS Series (Table Scanning) the difference is that they are specially suited for small parts up to 8 inches.

LC Series

Laser Curtain Automation


LC Series are the perfect solution to analyze straightness in the manufacturing of metal and plastic extrusions. It uses several lasers and a motion system to check the profile of a long body and find imperfections or curvatures.