Robert E. Morris Open House

Robert E. Morris company gathered 10 UniversalRobots' partners to demonstrate their cobot automation expertise at an open house event

A Collaborative Automation Expo

Manufacturers throughout New England are turning to collaborative automation systems to sustain productivity during labor shortages. The benefits are clear: small footprints, fast deployments, and the versatility to automate multiple product lines with one product, are all critical for high-mix, low-volume businesses to reach ROI quickly. But what processes make the most sense for manufacturers to automate with cobots?

We know that seeing is believing. That's why Morris Company gathered 10 partners to demonstrate their cobot automation expertise at an open house event at the Robert E. Morris Company facility on August 3rd and 4th. These partners will present systems and solutions powered by UR cobots to improve throughput, quality, and overall productivity across many common manufacturing processes. 

3D Infotech will showcase Aruna Vision, our machine vision solution for Universal Robots that runs directly in the teach pendant of the cobot


  • Get hands on with real demos of cobots powering automated processes
  • Network with 10 different integrators and UR+ partners who specialize in deploying cobot automation throughout New England (full list below)
  • Explore how technologies unique to cobots are driving business benefits for manufacturers in every industry

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2022-08-03 09:00 EDT - 2022-08-04 16:00 EDT

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