Robotic Dispensing and 3D Inspection of Sealant and Adhesives

Using collaborative robots to apply sealants and adhesives is gaining terrain in the automotive industry. Don't miss this webinar to learn how to improve the workflow with 3D sensors and a rotary table.

One of the biggest challenges when dealing with automated adhesive application, is the inspection of the applied material. Due to the organic nature of the liquid, many defects can't be identified or measured using traditional means. By using a 3D sensor to inspect the applied material, it is now possible to check the quality of the application with confidence.

Another challenge for this application is the reach of the robot and the position of the nozzle. Being able to reach every single corner of a part has been challenging until now. Aruna Motion Rotary offers 360° and works as an additional axis to the cobot. It gives extra reach to the robot beyond its standard length and the ability to avoid collisions better.


  • Review the benefits of sealant and adhesive inspection using 3D sensors.
  • Show the advantage of using a rotary stage to extend the robot's reach and improve the application process
  • Understand the benefits of a complete environment running on UR Caps for Universal Robots.

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Tuesday, Dec 14, 2021 09:00 am Pacific Time

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