Case Study

Accelerate Productivity
in Quality Control

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Case Study

Accelerate Productivity
in Quality Control

3D Infotech, Inc.
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GE Factory
“These have been a tremendous help in identifying shorts and flash. It has improved our speed as well. Some operators would miss certain features of the part, resulting in bad parts, now we catch anything that is deviated.
To summarize it has improved: Speed, Quality, and overall performance.”

The Challenge

Royal Technologies is more than an injection molding company, they are a problem-solving company. Facing unique challenges with all kind of parts and production volumes.  Traditional measurement methods are slow and prone to errors.  Being able to respond in time and with the right quality is a must, and those two things can be opposing forces in today’s manufacturing environments.

The main problems during injection molding are flash and short shots, being able to find them quickly and consistently are key to react quickly and make the adjustments to the process.

  • 3D scan a wide range of parts and some of them in matched pairs.
  • Metrology for these complex parts, with high variability is difficult, time consuming and requires a highly skilled operator​.
  • Reduce measurement variability while increasing speed​.
3D Infotech, Inc.
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3D Infotech, Inc

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