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Stepping Into The Future:
Revolutionizing Metrology Automation


3D Infotech Introduces Streamline© 1.6.6,
The Latest Automation Workflow Software

Manufacturers seeking to boost margins through operational efficiency have long adopted our systems. With recent aerospace accidents and costly automotive recalls, 3D Infotech’s automation technology is crucial. We help prevent costly mistakes by implementing highly accurate and repeatable solutions on the factory floor.


3D Infotech, Inc. Is Excited To Announce A New Alliance With Dassault Systèmes Americas Corp. (3DS)

Together we can create sustainable products and services that meet our world’s biggest challenges leveraging the virtual twin to connect the real and virtual worlds. The partnership will combine the best of both companies’ offerings to bring customers exceptional results that allow us to deliver a high-quality customer experience through our cutting-edge Augmented Reality solutions.

Augmented Reality

3D Infotech Introduces Spotlight AR++ 2.4 An Augmented Reality Software That Improves The Process Of Inspection

Created for manufacturing environments, it accurately projects computer-generated visual aids on three-dimensional real-life objects. Using Dynamic Projection allowing real-time tracking of 3D color maps and feature-based instructions, Spotlight AR++ overlays precise and interactive digital guidance on real-world parts allowing users to improve manufacturing processes.


3D Infotech A World Automating Industrial Metrology Leader Ventures Into The European Market

The expansion into the European market aligns with 3D Infotech’s mission to deliver Enterprise Solutions to address challenges in product life cycle management, using the best-in-class Computer Vision, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence technology. Effectively, helping manufacturing companies realize market leadership through increased productivity, superior quality, and automation.


3D Infotech And Scantech Form A Partnership For Achieving Manufacturing Excellence

While human labor is essential to many manufacturing processes, it is far from infallible. Man made error is ripe and prominent in many areas of manufacturing. Addressing this concern can lead to more efficient and cost-effective production processes. This article will bring to light how certain companies are doing just that by providing businesses with industrial AR software.


Elevating Excellence: 3D Infotech Announces The Arrival Of Guillermo Martínez As General Manager For The LATAM Region

This strategic position will focus on a proven track record of managing and developing multidisciplinary teams and deep knowledge of the Industrial Manufacturing Market in the LATAM region, reinforcing and accelerating market presence and sales through partnerships with distributors and system integrators.

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